Why Choose Plastic Injection Moulding For Your Cosmetics Packaging?

The global cosmetics industry is worth around $507.8 billion. It is predicted to grow by half that again in the next three years. The success or failure of cosmetic products relied heavily on their appearance, which, of course, includes their packaging. It’s no good having the best quality product in a sub-par bottle, pot, tube or jar. Ensuring quality materials, design and aesthetics for cosmetics packaging is key in order to stand out in a crowded market and appeal to consumers’ desire for luxury, longevity and premium craftsmanship. Injection moulding for cosmetics packaging provides identical plastic products for the packaging of cosmetics products.

Commonly found cosmetics packaging range from rigid plastic cosmetics jars for liquid or powder products like face powder, eyebrow gels and lip tints to squeezable tubes for liquid foundation or lip gloss. Other options include pump bottles for perfumes, rigid tubes for lipsticks or mascara and roll-on bottles and tubes for lip stains, deodorants and perfume applicators.

1. Multiple Options

Plastic injection moulding is the ideal production method for cosmetics packaging, as it meets all of these criteria and more. With excellent aesthetics and robust resilient materials, the process is highly versatile. Cosmetic packaging can be made out of one single plastic component to avoid unsightly join lines. Or it can be made from two or more different elements that fit together precisely to form open and shut lids, tabs and other opening mechanisms. This is especially popular for cosmetics that are designed to be carried in make-up bags or handbags, such as eye shadow trays, foundation tubes and perfume or face cream pump bottles. People like to apply these quickly and efficiently, so having a suitably effective and robust opening mechanism is essential.

Polymers used can also be tailored to the requirements for each type of packaging. For example, tubes designed to be squeezed to get the product they contain out need softer, more pliable materials. Perfume or facial cleansing mist packaging must be able to be pumped or pressed down to spray the liquid out. Eye shadow boxes and blusher packs need to be transparent, so consumers can see the colours laid out inside them. Lipstick cases and compact powder containers must be rigid and tough to withstand constant use and being carried around all day.

2. Clean and Convenient

In addition, the ability to create moulds of any shape means that the plastic injection moulding process works not only for the main elements of cosmetics bottles, pots and containers, but also lids, caps, safety tabs and protective outer casings. Using plastic instead of cardboard or glass for these makes them more robust and easier to keep hygienic and clean. The cosmetics stay untouched while awaiting purchase and the product casings can be wiped clean easily once they are opened and put to use. The precise nature of plastic injection moulding also lends itself perfectly to making hinges and fastenings to keep pots and bottles firmly closed and protected from having the contents spill out.

Other advantages include a rapid and straightforward production process, which keeps the supply chain moving. The tough packaging keeps the products safe during transit and warehouse storage. Many plastics can also be recycled for use again in the future, thus contributing to eco-aware cosmetics companies’ sustainability goals.

The polymers and plastics used can also offer a wide range of options when it comes to finishes, with transparent and opaque effects available and the ability to customise the packaging to almost any colour imaginable.

3. Brand awareness

The materials take print very well too, meaning that the components can be customised to ensure brand conformity. Consumer instructions for use can be added too, along with pricing and other important details. In a busy market, having eye-catching, familiar branding easily available on packaging enables a cosmetics company to build customer awareness and gain loyalty quickly and effectively.

Finally, using plastic injection moulding processes to create memorable cosmetics packaging is made even easier by the increased control the method provides over the shape and dimensions of the mould and resulting product. Companies can experiment with new approaches to their packaging, perhaps introducing different shapes, colours, sizes and textures to help their products stand out even more on the shelf. In such a visual marketplace as cosmetics and beauty, the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition in packaging design and innovation could make all the difference.