Plastics in Packaging and Injection Moulding – The Lowdown

Packaging is used across every single industry, from construction to cosmetics; electronics to food packaging and soft drink. It keeps things together and protected. It can also carry branding and merchandising messages. Because of its versatile nature, use of plastics in packaging products of industry is very common. This is because plastics are flexible packaging product and offer a wealth of advantages for the whole industry.

Why choose plastics in packaging?

Injection moulded plastics can be shaped into anything required and are easy to keep clean and sterile. Use of Plastics in packaging can be rigid for protection or flexible to fit around any shape. They are lightweight and convenient. Importantly, they don’t affect the taste of food products and keeps them free from contamination. They can be hermetically sealed for optimum protection.

plastics in packaging - plastics materials

Issues around the recycling potential and sustainability of plastics in packaging are ongoing. However, valuable work is being done in many quarters to reduce the environmental impact of plastics for packaging and encourage their responsible disposal after use. For example, reducing transportation costs and fuel by producing lighter plastics. Or creating recyclable plastics, reducing plastic waste wherever possible to reduce landfills and preserve the natural environment.

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